Welcome to Little Big Flix

Welcome to Little Big Flix! You’re home for the true indie spirit.

This site is for you. The filmmaker.  You got the ideas. You got the determination. The grit and the know-how.
But you got no money. No resources. You got no contacts, and you probably got no clout.

But you still have the Big Idea. And with that, you’re gonna go make a Little Movie.

And you know what?  That’s AWESOME.

Maybe no one will hear you. But maybe they should.  Because you’re what moviemaking’s all about.  It’s not about the marketplace, or who’s #1, or who you wined and dined to get a good review, or what dress J-Law’s got going on. That’s the Hollywood way.  But that ain’t movie making.  That’s digging for dollars.  That ain’t real.  That ain’t YOU.

No. You’re all about the story. The characters. The emotions, and the dream for a better day.  This is why people love the movies, anyway. This is why YOU love the movies, and this is why people love YOU.  Because whatever we might tweet or like on the media of the world, we all know it’s not really about that.  It’s not about getting rich or famous or liked.  It’s about getting REAL.  It’s about the heart. The drive to stay alive, and to fight for something larger than yourself. This is the stuff of real life.  This is the stuff of real movies. The movies that bring a taste of life to others.

That’s what we’re here to celebrate. That’s what movies are all about.

So come in! Look around, share your stories and check out the stuff of others. We might discuss the new superhero blockbuster or the latest Sundance or Scorsese every now and then, but really we’ll spend most of our time talking about those projects that deserve more attention but just aren’t getting it. And not just movies — but also web series, transmedia, and any other thing that artists and dreamers really go for.  The heart and soul of this beautiful process called storytelling, without the noise that comes with Hollywood and high publicity.

So welcome!! Welcome welcome welcome…. We’re glad you’re here.

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